Opinion: Why statues of King Leopold II must fall

Last week, a statue of King Leopold II in Antwerp was defaced in anti-racism protests, after which the government decided to remove all statues of the man. Rightfully so. It is time we stop glorifying white supremacists who in the name of civilisation pillaged, plundered, murdered and maimed their ways through other countries.

Post-cyclone recovery Mozambique photos

Last year, I travelled to Mozambique for a field trip organised by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) for some post-cyclone recovery stories for De Telegraaf. Whilst there, The Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper, asked me to take pictures for some of their stories, too.

The White Genocide myth: Rwanda, that was a REAL genocide

The white genocide is a myth. Rwanda in the 1990s, that was a real genocide. Every single day between April and July 1994 8,000 to 10,000 women, children and men were dragged out of their homes, churches, hospitals, clinics, schools, universities, and buses and killed for one reason: they were Tutsi or moderate Hutu. That is what genocide looks like. Sure, farm murders are bloody horrific and this issue deserves/needs/has to be addressed NOW. They are however no genocide.

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