#LockdownDiaries: Freelancing in times of corona

The lockdown is affecting businesses across the world, including my own freelance content business. I started the year with half a dozen regular clients and a very solid cash flow, of which only one remains., a Dutch newspaper The rest had to cut their content production contracts short, postpone them or cancel them altogether. This truly has been the scariest time ever since I started freelancing in 2007. There is a silver lining, though.

#LockdownDiaries: Stop the spread, report fake corona news!

So here is the deal: If you are too lazy to fact-check any corona-related information before sharing it on social media and WhatsApp, from the bullshit 5G-causes-corona claim to the video of a guy saying the 10,000 field workers will use Covid-19 infected swabs to deliberately make you sick: I will report you. It hampers the fight against this disease and is putting lives on the line.

#LockDownDiaries 3/21: Support your local superette

Those of you who are in lockdown (in South Africa and elsewhere) who need to go out occasionally to buy groceries: please please please support small businesses this lockdown, including your nearby neighbourhood superettes and corner shops first.

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