Roar in peace, Denis Goldberg (1933-2020)

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Roar in peace, you legend. I had the honour of interviewing you once in your home in Hangberg, sometime in 2010. You were late for our talk, which lasted 2 hours, and you offered me giant samoosas as an apology. 

We spoke at great length about why you joined the struggle, your role in it, your relationship with Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela (“He called me boy”), how you dealt with your 22 years of incarceration and the emotional pain you endured during and after your release. You buried two wives in your lifetime, and you told me how difficult it was to reconcile with your daughter. Apparently she struggled to forgive you for, what she perceived, choosing the struggle over her. “She didn’t realise I did it for her”, you said. “The struggle required painful sacrifices from all of us”. 

The two of you eventually did reconcile, after which she was diagnosed with cancer, to which she succumbed. I have always kept the recording of our interview. I will spend some time listening to it today. I need some inspiration today. 

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