#LockdownDiaries: Stop the spread, report fake corona news!

As the world is in the throes of a global coronavirus pandemic, some people feel it is necessary/funny to craft and share fake news. Some of these claims are spreading faster than the virus itself, which is hampering the global and regional fight against Covid-19. 

So here is the deal: If you are too lazy to fact-check any corona-related information before sharing it on social media and WhatsApp, from the bullshit 5G-causes-corona claim to the video of a guy saying the 10,000 field workers will use Covid-19 infected swabs to deliberately make you sick: I will report you to the WhatsApp fake corona news hotline +27 6 966 4015 (and to the email address fakenewsalerts@dtps.gov.za). Everyone else should do the same: report fake corona news, all news and all the time!

That also counts for those sharing the News24 story that claims that Bill Gates said Africa should be the testing ground for the corona vaccine. The reporter fucked up and his employer issued an apology. It’s fake, move along, don’t feed the monster.

Also, deliberately crafting and spreading fake corona news and information is a crime and may result in six months in jail. Why? I will say it again: it hampers the fight against this disease and is putting lives on the line. Deliberately sharing fake info or/and being too precious and lazy to check if your info is real, makes you complicit of those deaths. So please, for the sake of all of us: treat your audience with a bit more respect.

To the rest of us: report any fake corona news and hold those who aren’t taking this issue seriously accountable.

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