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“There is never a dull day in South Africa”. This couldn’t be more true. Whether it is a politician (or two) messing up, the president using tax money to revamp his private abode or buy a new plane, former police commissioners socialising with dodgy people, or power outages getting in between me and my deadlines:  life as a freelance journalist in South Africa is never boring. This blog is my personal soap box to share ideas, victories, mistakes, thoughts about personal and less personal things, memories,  interesting moments, as well as opinions about random stuff – and anything else that makes a blog a blog.

A brand new project: My ‘I am Cape Town’ blog!

As a journalist, I meet a lot of people with incredible stories. Unfortunately, their stories are not always what my clients want content-wise. That is why I have started my I Am Cape Town Blog, to give all of incredible, extra-ordinary ordinary Capetonians a voice. It is people like you and I and them who make this city what she is, after all.

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#TrevorNoahGate Driving Me Nuts

I am tired of the Trevor Noah outcry. In case you missed it: Trevor Noah has offended pretty much everyone – jews, muslims, christians, atheists, women AND men of all shapes and sizes, whites, coloureds, blacks, Indians, banters, hipsters, and vegans. That is what stand-up comedians do, so lighten up! You are not special! PS: If you are laughing your head off at his Jacob Zuma jokes, you need to sit down and shut up when he has a go at your “group”.

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Raising My Coffee Mug to Q1/2015!

This year’s first quarter is drawing to a close, and frankly… I couldn’t be happier. The first three months of 2015 have been simply incredible on the work front. Apparently (who would have thought?) there is a great demand for freelance journalists in South Africa – particularly writers with solid experience in the fields of business, energy, and electricity.

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Cape Fires: Rising from the Ashes

Freelance journalists might spend a great part of their life writing stories, they happen to do more with their life than just that. Myself, I love hiking and the outdoors. It relaxes me and calibrates my brain. This weekend, friends and I hit the mountains above Hout Bay. Whilst the damage of the Cape Fires was enormous, it was great to see Mother Nature fighting back.

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Byline Butterflies

It is always nice when readers send you pictures of how your stories looks like in print. As I am working for publications around the globe, I am not always in the position to buy the magazine / newspaper that carries my stories and features. The best thing? Seeing my byline. It still gives me butterflies.

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A week of super heroes

This week has been hectically busy on the work front. Besides having written numerous stories for various clients, old and new, and covering the Cape Peninsula fires, I managed to secure new freelance assignments for next week. Whilst I do love busy weeks like these, I am very much looking forward to the weekend 🙂

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Interviewing D-Day glider Alex Reith

He was just 22 years old when he flew his glider onto Normandy Beach, on June 6 1944. Alex Reith, now 93, is hereby one of the last surviving World War 2 glider pilots. Last week, I had the honour to interview this true hero. He after all played a key role in the liberation of my native country, and the rest of Europe. Only fellow journalists will understand what I mean when I say: “It was one of those interviews.”

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The State of the (Broken) Nation

As EFF members burst out in dancing and chanting; raising their fists towards the dark night sky and filling the air with old struggle songs, my eye caught the bronze bust of Nelson Mandela with on the ground a wreath of ivory coloured flowers. In the background, tucked away in a corner, Oliver Tambo and his wife, fists in the air celebrating the dawn of a new South Africa.

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Boko Haram and ISIS = same same but different?

Despite the severity of the situation in northern Nigeria, where Boko Haram is unleashing terror wave after terror wave, the response from The West and fellow African nation states has been less than timid. In the meantime, there is, however, plenty of attention for ISIS. I find this interesting. I am no expert on either group, but it seems to me both groups have a fair bit in common.

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