Publications, organisations, and brands

As a freelance writer and journalist in South Africa, I have written for over seventy magazines, newspapers, press agencies, and finally online titles in South Africa and beyond. In addition, I have assisted a range of companies, PR firms, and NGOs with relevant content and other media services. These include research, online content writing, photography, case study writing, and PR. Please find some of my past and present clients below. For a full overview of my background, please check my LinkedIn profile.

Do you need a freelance writer in South Africa?

Is your (internal) magazine, newsroom, or company in need of an extra pair of writing hands? Are you looking for good content, but don’t have the skills or capacity to create your own? Would you like to tell your story or your company’s story, but you have no idea where to start? Do you need someone to rewrite your website? I can help out. My office might be in Cape Town, South Africa, I am at your service regardless of where you are based.

Relevant content

I’m a freelance writer and journalist who knows what is going on in the world, particularly in terms of sustainable development. I therefore know what issues and content angles are relevant to you, your publication, and organisation. I dig deep for the best information, which is aided by my broad contact network, in-depth knowledge, and finally the drive to deliver quality.

Deadlines above everything

I respect deadlines more than anything. I am in fact very likely to file my assignments a couple of days early. This is good for you, and it is also good for me too. This way of working frees up my agenda and therefore enables me to take on very last minute assignments and emergency jobs.

One-stop media shop

I might be a freelance journalist and content writer by trade, I am also good with my camera. Where possible, I prefer to file my stories and assignments with quality pictures. This, in addition to PR, communication, corporate writing, and editing skills, makes me a one-stop media shop.

Assisting companies and NGOs

The bulk of my work might be journalism related, I’m also helping companies, NGOs, social enterprises, governmental agencies, and research bodies (in South Africa and abroad) tell their stories with quality and relevant content. My sustainable development background and all-round media expertise play a key role.

Miriam Mannak is an energy correspondent, freelance writer, and journalist in South Africa
Miriam Mannak is based in Cape Town, South Africa, works as a foreign correspondent and freelance journalist