Miriam Mannak

Freelance journalist in Cape Town


My name is Miriam Mannak, and I am an experienced writer and freelance journalist in Cape Town, South Africa. Whilst I cover most things, I specialise in sustainable development in Africa, Africa’s green economy, and anything ethical. Topics in include African business, ethical investment, and renewable energy as well as social development and climate change. Please have a look at the UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals to get a better idea of what it is I focus on as a writer and journalist. Besides writing for media outlets, I help businesses, NGOs, research bodies, and PR agencies with quality and relevant content.

Me, the journalist

Since I started working as a journalist in 2002, my byline has appeared in over 70 different publications in South Africa, Europe, the US, and the United Arab Emirates. These include magazines, newspapers, news agencies, and online titles. I have for instance written for Forbes Africa Magazine, FastCompany SA, Business Day, Inter Press Service, MergerMarket, De Persdienst, De Tijd, Leadership Magazine, Intrepid Explorer, International Finance Magazine, Public Finance International, African Green Elements, and Leadership Magazine. Please check out my LinkedIn profile for a complete overview of current and previous clients.

Helping you tell your story

Besides being a journalist, I render various media-relate services to businesses, social enterprises, NGOs, research organisations and finally PR firms. These clients typically don’t have the skills and/or capacity to produce quality content around some very specific sustainability issues. Services include company profile writing, website content writing, data journalism, (conference) blogging, report writing, research, and press releases. Whilst I specialise in sustainability, I am able to tackle most topics.

In case it matters: I have won an award or two.

What clients say

“I was in Nairobi last week and I discovered that your article on Rwanda is a winner with the media, tourism board and businesses. It is good to know that our stories resonate outside South Africa. Keep up the wonderful work” – Zanele Mlambo, editor of Africa Green Elements

“That was a crackerjack story on slavery for September. Thanks! Your Woolworths story will go into the October issue. Keep writing” – Chris Bishop, editor Forbes Africa Magazine

“Great story on vultures, Miriam. And great photos too!” – Robbie Stammers, editor of Intrepid Explorer

Miriam Mannak is a freelance journalist in Cape Town, South Africa. She specialises in sustainable development in Africa